My top 10 datacenter platform sessions at Microsoft Ignite!

Microsoft Ignite is just around the corner, so what better time than now, to lean back, relax, take a deep breath, and figure out how you’re going to fill your time for the week. Oh, and I mean during the day…you know…normal business hours and all that.

What you’ll find below is a selection of my hand-picked sessions, all focused on the on-premises (yes, with an ‘s’) datacenter technologies – the stuff you and I know as Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center, Azure Pack and more. Sure, there may be some stuff on my list that you haven’t heard of before, or know too much about, but hey, that’s fine, however if it’s on this list, it’s generally because I think it’s important, strategic going forward, and frankly, downright cool technology that can make a big difference to your infrastructure.

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Back in the room.

Hi. It’s been a while.

Has it? Been a while since what, exactly?  Well, once upon a time, when the Internet was already popular, Facebook was already known around the world, and people were already tweeting about every aspect of life, I maintained a blog. Well, not just a blog, a blog with a sister TV site. Yep, I know what you’re thinking, I’d made it to the big time. You may remember my virtualboy blog, and site, both of which aimed to provide IT professionals with useful, relevant content around the Microsoft infrastructure technologies, which were, at the time, technologies such as Windows Server 2008, and subsequently 2008 R2, along with System Center. Yep, we’re talking circa ~2009 here folks.

A lot has changed since then. Marriage. Moving jobs within Microsoft whilst simultaneously moving countries, and continents (For the latter, I’m referring to moving house, rather than a superhuman feat of strength where I can affect a large mass of land), and most recently, the arrival of our beautiful baby girl, Georgia Mae.  All of that meant that my blog just didn’t get the love it needed, and like my lawn over summer (when I’m too tight to water it), it withered and died.

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