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So, who am I?

Well, I’m what you might call an infravangelist, engaging in a spot of infravangelism. Infrastructure technologies, those that are powering today’s datacenters, really are my cup of tea. From compute to storage, networking to security, and from service delivery to automation, if it happens in the datacenter, I’m interested. Being a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, my professional focus is on a range of technologies, many of which I’m sure you’ve heard of. From the Windows Server platform, to the System Center management tools, and on to the powerful self-service experiences of the Azure Pack, this is where I spend my time today. People often ask, is that a real job title? Why yes, yes it is! But what do I do!?

Well, my buddy Simon, also a Technical Evangelist, borrowed the following from another evangelist at Microsoft (but one of the developer variety…), which I think sums up just what we do in this role, pretty nicely.

  • Creating a blog post on a technical topic or to announce something like an event or a great offer;
  • Public speaking at a conference about a technical topic;
  • Starting a conversation on social media like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn;
  • Leading a workshop around a specific technology;
  • Doing an online webcast with co-workers (an equivalent of a conference, but online);
  • Networking in a happy hour or a conference party;
  • Answering emails;
  • Meeting with people online or offline;
  • Creating technical content like presentations or demos for future events or for the community;
  • Connecting with key persons in the communities;
  • Planning the fiscal year, an event, a program…;
  • Traveling to new places;
  • Coding, and learning new technology;
  • Assisting or presentation at a user group;

I’ve been at Microsoft since January 2006, starting in a Partner-facing role, before transitioning to Microsoft Corp, based at the mothership, Redmond WA, in January 2012 for a Technical Marketing role. In March 2015, I embarked on my current role, Technical Evangelist, and quite frankly, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. All of Microsoft-time has been focused on the infrastructure technologies, and my passion for them is a strong today, as it was when I first started. I do hope that shines through in my posts.

But, who am I really?

I’m a Dad to our January 2015 arrival, Georgia Mae. I’m a husband to Hayley. I’m a Brit abroad, living out in the sticks in Duvall, Washington. I’m an Xbox-er, although that hobby has all but dried up since the arrival of Georgia – Who’d have guessed!? I’m a keen footballer, although one quick look at the photo above and you’ll know I’m not talking about the NFL here. Finally, I’m a movie-nut – another hobby that’s all but dried up!

You can contact me for anything you’d like, or follow me on twitter. Please look around and enjoy!

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