Container Fundamentals | Part 3 – Shared Folders

Back in August, we made available the 3rd technical preview of Windows Server 2016. The significance of this particular milestone release was the first inclusion of a much-talked-about container technology, available in the box. The story became more rich a couple of months later, in November, with the release of technical preview 4, and the inclusion of Hyper-V containers. Regardless of whether you started your container journey in August, or November, or somewhere in between, what was clear to me, an IT guy, was that containers weren’t, let’s say, as natural for me as say, virtual machines, storage or networking. Yes, they use a form of virtualization, but having spent years with VMs, containers were a little more alien to me. Fortunately, help was at hand.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve invested a good amount of time in bringing our IT professionals, who, like me, were very much in the virtual trenches, up to speed with what containers are, what they mean, what they can do, and why you should care. All of this content is surfaced on the Containers Channel, over on Channel 9.

Container Fundamentals

We’ve recorded a number of episodes recently, under the title of ‘Container Fundamentals’, aiming to give you just that; the fundamentals of container technologies. In the first two parts, we’ve introduced what they are, looked in more depth at images, networking, and the overall portability of containers, and in the most recent episode, I got together with Neil Peterson, Senior Content Developer, to bring you up to speed with the use of shared folders.

Neil delivers a comprehensive end to end demo that walks you through how to configure and use shared folders with Windows Server Containers, along with a practical example.

Stay tuned on the Containers Channel for more episodes soon!


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