New MVA Course – Operational Insights within the Operations Management Suite

A few short days ago, at the first annual mega-conference that is Microsoft Ignite, there were a number of high-profile announcements. One of the announcements that took many people by surprise was around MOMS. Now, I don’t mean your Mom, my Mom (well, Mum where I’m from) or anyone else’s Mom – I mean the Microsoft Operations Management Suite. For those of you who haven’t kept up on the news, MOMS is a combination of technologies that enables you to gain greater levels of insight and control of your IT environment, whether it exists on-premises, in the cloud, or across both. This also applies across Windows Server, Linux, VMware, OpenStack, and across Azure and AWS. Pretty flexible, I’d say.

But, what does it do?

Well, this video does a pretty good job of explaining what it does…

As you can see, the combination of technologies within MOMS provides solutions across 4 key areas:

  1. Log Analytics – Deliver unified management across your datacenters and public clouds. Collect, store and analyze log data from virtually any source and turn it into real-time operational intelligence. Some seriously slick dashboards in here.
  2. IT Automation – Create, monitor, manage and deploy resources in your hybrid cloud environments while reducing errors and boosting efficiency to help lower your operational costs.
  3. Hybrid Cloud Availability – Protect your data using capabilities only possible from the cloud. Enable backup and integrated recovery for all your servers and critical applications, to prepare you in the event of a disaster.
  4. Hybrid Cloud Security – Identify missing system updates and malware status. Collect security related events and perform forensic, audit and breach analysis. Enable cloud-based patch management for all your environments. This is heavily linked to, and presented through, #1.

You may be reading the numbered list and thinking to yourself, those sound familiar. You’re not wrong. #1 and #4 are provided by a technology you may once have known as System Center Advisor, which morphed into Azure Operational Insights. #2 is Azure Automation, and #3 is Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup.

Let’s focus on #1 and #4.

A couple of weeks before Ignite, myself and Laura Cruz, an expert in Operational Insights, got together to record a Microsoft Virtual Academy course. If you’re not familiar with MVA, it’s a fantastic resource, full of free training for IT professionals like you. Simply sign in with a Microsoft account, and you’re good to go. Laura and I spend half a day walking you through key elements of Operational Insights, including:

  • What is Operational Insights?
  • Deployment Options
  • Using Operational Insights
  • Security Analytics for the IT Security Admin
  • Troubleshooting Operational Insights

Even though the Operational Insights piece is now grouped under MOMS, it can still be purchased separately (as per the pricing page), and all information covered in the course still applies, even though we don’t reference MOMS as part of the session.

You can check out the course here, and also, learn more about Operational Insights and MOMS, on the product pages.


Say what?