Join me on the Windows Server 2016 Preview JumpStart!

Hungry for Hyper-V?  Super-excited about Storage? Need to know Networking, or perhaps Nano? Curious about Containers? Amazed by Automation? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the Windows Server 2016 Preview JumpStart is going to be right up your street. Even if you didn’t answer yes to any of those questions, I’m going to assume you did, as thinking of those statements is 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. And I apologize for using Super-excited. It just slipped out.

Anyway….I’ve been crafting the content for the upcoming JumpStart for the last week or so, and myself, along with my fellow speaker, the man, the legend, Mr Corey Hynes, are now in the process of finalizing the demos, (of which we have well over 20, across the 2-day course) to help bring to life, some of the incredible investments that we’re making in the next release of Windows Server. In order to register, you need to head on over to the Microsoft Virtual Academy page, where you’ll find a picture of my face (apologies) and more importantly, a nice big ‘Register Now’ button. You really can’t miss it.

If you’re wondering, the course runs on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th of August, from 9am – 1pm (PDT) on each of those days. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, it’ll be recorded and made available on-demand, for later viewing. The great thing about joining live though, is you can interact with us, the speakers, and a team of specialists who are there to answer your questions (apart from the tricky ones, for which we’ll blissfully look the other way :-))

Before you register however, you may be thinking, ‘what are you going to cover?’. Well, I know we have a list of modules published on the registration page, but seeing as I’ve been working on the content all of this week, I can take a few minutes to give you a bit more depth into each module, and tell you about the order on which days’, these modules will be delivered.

Day 1 – Core Infrastructure | Compute, Storage and Networking

Module 1: Introduction to Windows Server 2016

In this module, we’ll introduce you to the key investment areas of Windows Server 2016, and how it is at the heart of the next generation of the Microsoft datacenter platform. We’ll also introduce the other modules in this course.

Module 2: Server Virtualization in Windows Server 2016

Hyper-V has delivered new and improved capabilities, release on release, since its introduction in Windows Server 2008, and this release is no exception. In this module, we’ll explore all of the new and exciting capabilities that Hyper-V provides, and show you why it’s the best virtualization choice for your next generation infrastructure.  We’ll also take a look at improvements in Failover Clustering, which provides the foundation for a resilient Hyper-V infrastructure, along with the new rolling upgrade capability.

Module 3: Software-Defined Storage in Windows Server 2016

Back in Windows Server 2012, Microsoft changed the game with the introduction of Storage Spaces, enabling you to transform low-cost, high-volume hardware into enterprise class storage. Fast-forward to Windows Server 2016, and with it, comes incredible new storage capabilities to provide you with greater levels of efficiency, performance and scalability, along with new deployment models to help you lower costs even further.

Module 4: Software-Defined Networking in Windows Server 2016

Network Virtualization in Windows Server 2012 R2 was powerful. Networks could be created in seconds, spanning entire datacenters, and reaching into the cloud. Things are about to get even more powerful. In this module, we explore the new networking capabilities of Windows Server 2016, such as the all-new Network Controller, Software Load Balancer and Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Tunneling, along with new features for existing technologies, including IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS, and DHCP.

Day 2 | Nano, Containers & Automation

Module 5: Introducing Nano Server

Back in Windows Server 2008, we introduced Server Core – a low footprint, reduced attack surface, GUI-less installation option of Windows Server. With Windows Server 2016 however, we take that approach to a whole new level with Nano Server; a complete refactoring of Windows Server, providing the smallest footprint, fastest booting, most cloud-optimized version of Windows Server, ever! In this module, you’ll learn all about Nano Server and what it can do for you!

Module 6: Introducing Windows and Hyper-V Containers

Containers are rapidly becoming one of the hottest technologies in IT, but do you know what they do? What are they used for? Are they just for developers? In this module, we explore Microsoft’s investments in Container technology in the next release of Windows Server – specifically, Windows Containers, and Hyper-V Containers. You’ll learn all about each type, how they differ, and the use cases for each type.

Module 7 – Automation in Windows Server 2016.

Automation is the key to realizing the highest levels of efficiency and standardization in the datacenter. Windows PowerShell 5.0 includes significant new features, including support for developing with classes, and new security features, that extend its use, improve its usability, and allow you to control and manage environments more easily and comprehensively. Multiple new features in Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) are also described in this module!

Sound interesting? I sure hope so! With these kind of courses, and the limited time available, it’s impossible to provide information on everything in Windows Server, however, that being said, we’re going to do our best to give you as much as we possibly can, and don’t worry, over the next few months, there are even more Windows Server 2016 deep dive courses coming to the Microsoft Virtual Academy, so stay tuned for those.

Right…enough from me, back to the prep.  See you next week.


7 thoughts to “Join me on the Windows Server 2016 Preview JumpStart!”

  1. Thank you to you and Cory for your excellent presentation on Aug 18th and 19th. Much appreciated. Been working with computers (mainframes +) since 1967. You guys are a blast!

  2. Hi, I just finished watching the JumpStart and wanted to say thanks for your hard work. You and Corey did a good job at explaining things whilst making it entertaining at the same time; I think you both bounce off each other well.

  3. Hey Matt,
    Watched Day 1 was greatly happy with it, But couldn’t stay up 2AM-5AM again to watch Day 2…. You mentioned it was going to be recorded, Any links to those or are they still pending?

  4. Hi all, stay tuned, the recording will be made available in the not too distant future – I don’t have a specific date, but once the studio have finished with all the necessary editing, it’ll go live, and I’ll make sure I put a post on my blog to let you know it’s available. Thanks again for joining!

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